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วิทยาศาสตรมหาบัณฑิต (International Program)

We believe in making people achieve healthy living with movements.

The Faculty of Physical Therapy, Mahidol University has been the initiator of Physical Therapy Education all along. We were the first to offer programs in Physical Therapy, Bachelor in 1965, Master in 1982, and Doctoral in 2003. The Physical Therapist Clinical Specialized programs in Manipulative therapy, Stroke, Pediatric and Community of one year was also initiated in 2003. And the four months program for community physical therapy to the calls for competent therapists in primary health care in 2015.

Now, there are demands of advanced degree physical therapists not only in Thailand, but also in ASEAN and other regions. We are proud to introduce the first international program of Master in Physical Therapy in the ASEAN Region. With our competent staff and resources in the Faculty and Mahidol University, we are confident to deliver high quality program to empower physical therapists to be better practitioners, teachers, and researchers.

Join us to expand the knowledge based professions for people.

Study Plan

Year Semester 1 Semester 2
1 PTPT 658* Essential Knowledge in Physical Therapy I* 2 (2-0-4)
PTPT 659* Essential Knowledge in Physical Therapy II* 2 (2-0-4)
(*only for the student who need additional basic knowledge , register without credit counted)
PTPT 661 Evaluation and Measurement for Physical Therapy 1 (1-0-2) PTPT 665 Physical Therapy Research Development 2 (2-0-4)
PTPT 662 Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis 3 (2-2-5) PTPT 666 Evidence Based Practice for Physical Therapy 3 (1-4-4)
PTPT 663 Contemporary Topics in Physical Therapy 2 (1-2-3) PTPT 667 Advanced Motor Control and Learning for Movement Therapy 3(2-2-5)
PTPT 664 Physical Therapy Research Acquisition 1 (1-0-2)
Elective courses 5 credits Elective courses 4 credits
Total 12 credits Total 12 credits
2 PTPT 698 Thesis 6 (0-18-0) PTPT 698 Thesis 6 (0-18-0)
Total 6 credits Total 6 credits

Examples of Elective courses offered by the Program

PTPT 673 Applied Biomechanics for Movement Therapy 2 (1-2-3)
PTPT 674 Integrated Physiology for Physical Therapy 2 (2-0-4)
PTPT 675 Teaching and Learning in Physical Therapy 2 (1-2-3)
PTPT 676 Independent Research Study 1 (0-3-1)
PTPT 677 Physical Therapy Clinic and Research Laboratory Visit 1 (0-3-1)
PTPT 678 Advanced Physical Therapy Clinical Practice 1 (0-3-1)
GRID 521 Research Ethics 1(1-0-3)

Themes of Thesis/ Thematic paper

  • Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy
  • Neurological Physical Therapy
  • Pediatric Physical Therapy
  • Chest Physical Therapy
  • Community Physical Therapy and Wellness
  • Elderly, Chronic diseases and Palliative care
  • Analysis, control and Learning of Movement
  • Balance, Posture and Fall
  • Ergonomics

Requirements of Applicants

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • GPA no less than 2.5 or equivalent
  • Having Physical Therapy license in the original country

The Application Process

The students will have to take tests for English proficiency and essential contents in physical therapy. The provisional status might be offer before complete acceptance. The courses for improving English skills and essential knowledge in Physical Therapy are also provided for the provisional candidate.

To apply in the program, please prepare the documents as following;
  • Result of the English score testing by MU Grad test or TOEFL or IELTS (2 years validation)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Brief description of your research interest
  • Transcript in Bachelor degree and/or higher degree

For more information such as date and round of application, criteria of English score, and others please check for the updated from or contact Dr. Pagamas Piriyaprasarth, Program Secretary. Email

Budgets Estimation

Items Cost
1. Graduate Tuition Fee for international Program**
**For students who have not received a scholarship or have received a partial scholarship that only covers part of the tuition fee. The Program and the Faculty of Graduate Studies may give partial support for the graduate tuition fee. The amount of this support cannot be less than 1,800 baht/credit.
9,000 baht/Credit
*24 credits
216,000 baht
2. Master Thesis Registration Fee 12 credits
The thesis registration fee can be paid in two equal installments, at the first semester and the second semester of thesis registration.
18,000 baht/thesis
3. Research Supplies Fee Master Degree Program**
(pay in the first semester of the thesis registration) *** For students who have not received a scholarship or have received a partial scholarship that only covers part of the research supply fee. The program and the Faculty of Graduate Studies may give the partial support for the research supplies fee.
150,000 baht
4. Program Fee 50,000 baht
5. Work-Site Training Fee
(only the clinical visit or clinical training course)
18,000 baht/thesis
6. Education Services Fee (Tuition Fee for maintaining student status) 11,900 baht/year
7. Health Insurance (Additional Fee for Non-Thai students) 1,300 baht/year
*2 years
2,600 baht
Total (Estimation) 454,600 baht
(approximately 13,000 USD)

Frequent asked Questions

Questions Answers
How long does the course last? At least 2 years
Do they have to spend full time or part time for this? Full time Module
How much is the total fee they must pay for the program? The total fee is approximately 13,000 USD. However, the tuition and research supply fee (approximately 9,840 USD) may be partially supported by the program.
What are the requirements for recruitment? Licensed Physical Therapists with Bachelor Degree The essential knowledge in Physical Therapy is also be tested before enrolling to the program. The additional basic adjustments courses are also offered for the students who needed.
What is requirement of English? Yes.
The English Proficiency levels:
- IELTS ≥ 5
- TOEFL 54
- MU GRAD TEST ≥ 480
If the test score is lower than above, the Faculty of Graduate Studies will provide the English courses for student to facilitate the English competency.
What activities do you do to support them learning English? The Faculty of Graduated Studies offers classes to improve English skills of the students as required by the program.

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