Lect.Dr. Ruttana Phetsitong

Position : Instructor

Tel : 024415450 #21104

E-Mail : ruttana.phe@mahidol.ac.th

Curriculum vitae


2019 Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D.Demography (International Program) Mahidol University, Thailand
2010 Master Degree M.Sc. (Anatomy) Mahidol University, Thailand
2006 Bachelor Degree B.Sc. (Physical Therapy) Thammasart University, Thailand



Phetsitong R, Phattharajiraphan C, Somprasong S. A Comparison of the Students' Academic Achievement in Bachelor of Science (Physical Therapy) Programme in Year 2005, Mahidol university, Between the Students Enroled by the Quota Examination System and the Central Admissions Examination System of Academic Years 2007 and 2008. Journal of Sahasat 2015 December; 15(2): 393-414.


Phetsitong R, Vapattawong P, Prince M, Chua K C, Mayston R. Caring for older dependent people in low- and middle-income countries- effects of caregiver age upon their mental health. The 2020 European Population Conference (EPC 2020). 24-27 June, 2020 in Padova, Italy.
Phetsitong R, Vapattanawong P, Sunpuwan M, Völker M . Need for caregivers of older persons at the household level in Thailand. the 4th Asian Population Association Conference, 11-14 July, 2018 in Shanghai, China.
. Gains in Life Expectancy due to Eliminating Major Causes of Death in Thai Older Persons. The 6th International Graduated Students Conference on Population and Public Health Sciences (IGSCPP), The Celebrations on the Auspicious Occasion of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s 5th Cycle Birthday Anniversary 2nd April 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Subject : 2021-08-01 to 2022-07-31

Bachelor of Science (Physical Therapy)

PTPT 111 Anatomy and Biomechanics 1

PTPT 112 Anatomy and Biomechanics 2

PTPT 113 Anatomy and Biomechanics 3

PTPT 115 Massage and Bandaging

PTPT 180 Contemplative Education for Physical Therapy 1

PTPT 209 Transfer techniques, ambulation and massage

PTPT 211 Physiology

PTPT 220 Anatomy and Biomechanics 4

PTPT 221 Physical Therapy Assessment-Evaluation and Diagnosis

PTPT 222 Neuroanatomy

PTPT 229 Therapeutic Exercise 2

PTPT 290 Contemplative Education for Physical Therapy 2

PTPT 317 Physical Therapy in Musculoskeletal 2

PTPT 414 Health Service System and Physical Therapy

PTPT 422 Physical Therapy in Community

Master of Science (Physical Therapy)

PTPT 662 Research methodology and statistical analysis

PTPT 665 Physical Therapy Research Development