Lect.Dr. Suweena Khacharoen

Position : Instructor

Tel : 024415450 #21102

E-Mail : suweena.kha@mahidol.ac.th

Curriculum vitae


2015 Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D. (Physical Therapy) Mahidol University, Thailand
2010 Master Degree M.Sc. (Physical Therapy) Mahidol University, Thailand
2007 Bachelor Degree B.Sc.(Physical Therapy) Mahidol University, Thailand





Chandharohit T, Tretriluxana J, Suttiwong J, Khacharoen S, Srivanitchapoom P. Effects of Speed and Amplitude Instructions on Reaching and Grasping Training in Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease: Preliminary Study. Proceeding of The 1st APACPH Bangkok Region Conference and The 8th International Public Health Conference.25-26 May 2017.

Subject : 2021-08-01 to 2022-07-31

Bachelor of Science (Physical Therapy)

PTPT 114 Transfer Techniques and Ambulation

PTPT 115 Massage and Bandaging

PTPT 211 Physiology

PTPT 216 Therapeutic exercise 2

PTPT 221 Physical Therapy Assessment-Evaluation and Diagnosis

PTPT 222 Neuroanatomy

PTPT 223 Physiology

PTPT 227 Diagnostic Imaging for Physical Therapy

PTPT 229 Therapeutic Exercise 2

PTPT 241 Physical Therapy in Neurological System 1

PTPT 311 Physical Therapy in Neurological System 1

PTPT 312 Physical Therapy in Neurological System 2

PTPT 313 Motor control and learning

Master of Science (Physical Therapy)

PTPT 662 Research methodology and statistical analysis

PTPT 667 Advanced motor control and motor learning

Research Interesting

Motor learning in neurological patients
Physical therapy management in individuals Parkinson’s disease