Lect.Dr. Amporn Nuntapornsak

Position : Instructor

Tel : 024415450 #20805

E-Mail : amporn.nun@mahidol.ac.th

Curriculum vitae


2012 Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D. (Exercise Science) Mahidol University, Thailand
2002 Master Degree M.Sc. (Physical Therapy) Mahidol University, Thailand
1998 Bachelor Degree B.Sc. (Physical Therapy) Mahidol University, Thailand



Charoenphandhu N, Nuntapornsak A, Wongdee K, Krishnamra N, Charoenphandhu J. Upregulated mRNA Levels of SERT, NET, MAOB, and BDNF in Various Brain Regions of Ovariectomized Rats Exposed to Chronic Aversive Stimuli. Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry 2013; 375: 49-58.


Vongsirinavarat M, Nunthapornsak A, Somprasong S. Relationships of Clinical Competencies and Cognitive (PAŃŃA) Skills in Physical Therapy Students. Proceeding of WCPT-AWP&PTAT Congress 2017. 28-30 June 2017.
Sriboonpeng J, Nuntapornsak A, Vongsirinavarat M. Preliminary Report of Immediate Effects of Stretching and Breathing Exercises on Chest Expansion and Thoracic Kyphosis Individuals with Thoracic Hyperkyphosis. Proceeding of The 1st APACPH Bangkok Region Conference and The 8th International Public Health Conference.25-26 May 2017.
Pritivichakarn S, Nuntapornsak A, Bunprajun T, Jalayondeja C. . Association between sedentary behavior, metabolic profiles and cognitive function in office workers. Proceedings of The 2nd Asian Conference on Ergonomics and Design. 2017; 53: 620-3 (suppl).

Subject : 2021-08-01 to 2022-07-31

Bachelor of Science (Physical Therapy)

PTPT 114 Transfer Techniques and Ambulation

PTPT 209 Transfer techniques, ambulation and massage

PTPT 215 Therapeutic exercise 1

PTPT 216 Therapeutic exercise 2

PTPT 220 Anatomy and Biomechanics 4

PTPT 221 Physical Therapy Assessment-Evaluation and Diagnosis

PTPT 223 Physiology

PTPT 224 Physiology of Exercise

PTPT 225 Physiology and Physiology of Exercise Laboratories

PTPT 227 Diagnostic Imaging for Physical Therapy

PTPT 290 Contemplative Education for Physical Therapy 2

PTPT 314 Therapeutic exercise 3

PTPT 318 Physical Therapy in Cardiopulmonary System 1

PTPT 418 กายภาพบำบัดในระบบทางเดินหายใจ หัวใจ และการไหลเวียนโลหิต 2

Master of Science (Physical Therapy)

PTPT 663 Contemporary Topics in Physical Therapy

Research Interesting

Physical Therapy in cardiopulmonary
Exercise physiology
Physical therapy in obesity