Lect.Dr. Pichaya Hengsomboon

Position : Instructor

Tel : 024415450

E-Mail : pichaya.hen@mahidol.ac.th

Curriculum vitae


2020 Doctor of Philosophy M.SC.Physical Therapy (International Program) Mahidol University, Thailand
2008 Master Degree M.Sc. (Physiotherapy) Mahidol University, Thailand
2003 Bachelor Degree B.Sc. (Physiotherapy) Mahidol University, Thailand




Subject : 2021-08-01 to 2022-07-31

Bachelor of Science (Physical Therapy)

PTPT 114 Transfer Techniques and Ambulation

PTPT 213 Electrodiagnosis and Electrotherapy

PTPT 214 Electrotherapy and Thermotherapy

PTPT 221 Physical Therapy Assessment-Evaluation and Diagnosis

PTPT 227 Diagnostic Imaging for Physical Therapy

PTPT 310 Prosthesis, orthosis and assistive technology

PTPT 314 Therapeutic exercise 3

PTPT 315 Joint Mobilization and Manual Techniques

PTPT 316 Physical Therapy in musculoskeletal system 1

PTPT 317 Physical Therapy in Musculoskeletal 2

Master of Science (Physical Therapy)

PTPT 663 Contemporary Topics in Physical Therapy

PTPT 673 Applied biomechanics for movement therapy


Therapeutic exercise
Functional and ambulation training
Clinical practice
Research methodology

Research Interesting

Physical therapy in musculoskeletal conditions
Postural control and balance
Spinal cord injury rehabilitation