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Moodle Program for Faculty of Physical Therapy How to use the system for instructors and students.
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For PT and OT students only,

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Physical Therapy Program  
 PTOT 337 Advanced Evaluation for Occupational Therapist 2บทคัดย่อ

Bachelor of Science (Physical Therapy) 


 PTPT 102 Basic knowledge and skill for physical therapy
 PTPT 180 Contemplative Physical Therapy Education 1
 PTPT 234 Physical therapy in Musculoskeletal system 5
 PTPT 235 Physical therapy in Musculoskeletal system VI
 PTPT 238 Therapeutic skill 1
 PTPT 239 Therapeutic skills 2
 PTPT 280 Contemplative Education for Physical Therapy 2
 PTPT 347 Physical Therapy in cardiopulmonary system 1
 PTPT 348 Physical Therapy in cardiopulmonary disease 2บทคัดย่อ
 PTPT 349 Physical Therapy in cardiopulmonary disease IIIบทคัดย่อ
 PTPT 350 Physical Therapy in Pediatrics 1บทคัดย่อ
 PTPT 351 Physical Therapy in Pediatrics 2บทคัดย่อ
 PTPT 380 Contemplative Education for Physical Therapy 3
 PTPT 422 - Introduction to egronomicsบทคัดย่อ
 PTPT 423 Specific Medical Conditions Health Science
 PTPT 424 Woman Health and Geriatrics
 PTPT 426 Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry for Health Science
 PTPT 447 Administration and Ethice
 PTPT 473 Physicail Therapy in Community Health
 PTPT 476 Team Approach to Health
 PTPT 495 Research Project
Occupational Therapy Program 

Bachelor of Science (Occupational Therapy)  


 PTOT 111 Foundation of Occupational Therapy
 PTOT 121 Basic of Anatomy for Occupational Therapist
 PTOT 203 Medical conditions for Occupational Therapy
 PTOT 204 Principle of Nursing for Occupational Therapist
 PTOT 226 - Occupational Therapy for Physical Health 1บทคัดย่อ
 PTOT 228 Kinesiology in Occupational Therapy
 PTOT 229 Clinical Observation and Basic Clinical Reasoning
 PTOT 230 Neuroanatomy for Occupational Therapist
 PTOT 328 - Occupational Therapy for Children and Adolescence 2บทคัดย่อ
 PTOT 331 - Occupational Therapy for Eldersบทคัดย่อ
 PTOT 334 Occupational Adaptationบทคัดย่อ
 PTOT 335 Psychosocial Occupational Therapyบทคัดย่อ
 PTOT 336 Evidence Based Practice in Occupational Therapyบทคัดย่อ
 PTOT 372 - Clinical Practice 1บทคัดย่อ
 PTOT 402 - Leadership and Management for Occupational Therapistบทคัดย่อ
 PTOT 426 Seminar in Occupational Therapy II
 PTOT 472 Clinical practice4
Graduate Programs (Grad.Dip, M.Sc., P.hD.)) 

 PTPT 552 Musculoskeletal system disorders and management
 PTPT 553 Measurement in Physical Therapy
 PTPT 554 Statistics and Research Methodology in Physical Therapy
 PTPT 556 Specialized Physical Therapy Practice I
 PTPT 565 Conceptual framework for stroke physical therapy
 PTPT 571 Professional Manipulative Therapy Iบทคัดย่อ
 PTPT 591 Critical Reading in Physical Therapy Report
 PTPT 602 Measurement and Evaluation for Physical Therapist
 PTPT 605 Contemporary Topics in Movement Science and Physical Therapy
 PTPT 607 Advanced Reserch Methodology in Health Sciencesบทคัดย่อ
 PTPT 628 - Theory and Management of Painบทคัดย่อ
 PTPT 655 Diagnostic Screening for Physical Therapy
 PTPT 657 Advanced Motor Control and Learning
 PTPT 693 Advanced Biomechanics and Kinesiology


 PTPT 608 Physical Therapy Seminar
 PTPT 558 Leadership and Entrepreneurship in Physical Therapy
 PTPT 559 English for Physical Therapists
 PTPT 566 Update in Physical Therapy in Individuals with Stroke
 PTPT 572 - Professional Manipulative Therapy II
 PTPT 593 Physical Therapy Seminar I
 PTPT 604 Advanced Statistics in Health Sciences
 PTPT 609 Research practicum
 PTPT 610 Selected topics
 PTPT 614 Applied Physiology in Physical Therapyบทคัดย่อ
 PTPT 641 Topic in interested fieldบทคัดย่อ
 PTPT 672 Teaching Methods Applied to Physical Therapy
 PTPT 694 Advanced Physical Therapy

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