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Occupational Science

  1. Research Overview
  2. Occupational Science is the study of occupational therapy in relation to human engagement/ participation in occupation. This research area focuses on specific clients/ group and their challenge to engage in meaningful occupations & activities. The meaningful occupations are based on feelings of being supported in living a life journey. Furthermore, our researchers aim to study ways of measuring occupational engagement (occupational forms & performance), develop new and innovative therapeutic media to assist an individual client engage in purposeful activities, and review the impact of participation on an individual’s health and well-being.

  3. People
  4. 2.1 Researcher
    1. Asst.Prof.Dr. Peeradech Thichanpiang
    2. Lect.Dr. Surachart Thongchoomsin
    3. Lect. Supatida Sorasak
    4. Lect.Dr. Thitiya Wangkawan

  5. Current Projects
    • Motor proficiency and the effect of play-based activity program on motor proficiency in typical children (Dr Peeradech)
    • The beneficial role of smartphone on occupations among Thai elderly people (Lect Surachart)
    • Thai Elders’ Experiences of Smartphone Usage in Purposeful Activities and Meaningful Occupations (Lect Supatida)
    • The effects of exercise on executive functions and processing speed in aging (Lect. Thitiya)