Occupation-Based Practice (OBP)
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Occupation-Based Practice (OBP)

  1. Research Overview
  2. Occupation-Based Practice (OBP) is an OT process in the use of occupations as means and ends to drive positive changes for a client in alignment with the direction of occupational goals based on a clients’ needs, health, meaningful occupations and purposeful activities in everyday life. Occupation as a mean is a process to take the occupation in the initial approach, evaluation and intervention, while the ends refer to occupational outcomes. Main focus on studies, our researchers aim to investigate the understanding the therapists and clients in relation to occupations and how satisfied the client is with how they are performed. Researcher need to be observed occupational performance ideally in the natural context, or as closely simulated to where, when and how the occupation usually occurs. Standardized and non-standardized evaluation methods are utilized to collect information about facilitators and barriers of occupational performance, including client motivation and body functions, performance skills and patterns, demands of the occupation and environmental and contextual factors.

  3. People
  4. 2.1 Researcher
    1. Lect.Dr. Sutinun Juntorn

  5. Current Projects
    • Assessment of Executive Function in Patients With Substance Use Disorder (Dr Sutinun)
    • Assessment of Executive Function among adolescents at risk for depression(Dr Sutinun)
    • Correlation between Stress and Executive dysfunction in Bachelor’s students (Dr Sutinun)
    • Development of “the EF - Leisure activities Survey” (for Thai-Adulthood) related to executive function (Dr Sutinun)
    • The Effects of Exercise on Executive Functions and Processing Speed in Aging (Dr Sutinun)