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Motor Control and Neural Plasticity

  1. Research Overview
  2. “The purpose of this group is to exchange the interesting and updated knowledge or research and present any part of member’s research which relate to neurological field, motor control, neural plasticity and Mirror neurons. The members or external experts present journal, theory or rehabilitation technique of physical therapy in neurological condition, and follow by discussion suggestions or questions from audiences. There are the summarizations regarding the gaining knowledge in each presentation”

  3. People
  4. 2.1 Researcher
    1. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Jarugool Tretriluxana
    2. Lect.Dr. Suweena Khacharoen
    3. Asst.Prof.Dr. Wanalee Klomjai
    4. Lect.Dr. Benchaporn Aneksan
    5. Lect.Dr. Pagamas Piriyaprasarth
    2.2 Current Graduate Students
    • Miss Jenjira Thanakamchokchai Ph.D. student
    • Miss Ampika Nanbancha Ph.D. student
    • Miss Somchanok Hongthong Ph.D. student
    • Miss Tanaporn Chandharohit Master degress student
    • Mr. Chairat Phuaklikhit Master degress student
    • Mr. Prathomchai Rattanawan Master degress student
    2.3 Alumni
    • Mr. Parinya Vongvaivanichakul
    • Miss Jintana Tapthong
    • Miss Nuttakarn Runnarong
    • Mr. Shambhu Prasad Adhikari
  5. Current projects
    • Immediate and retention effect of accelerated skill acquisition program (ASAP) after brain stimulation in stroke

    • Effect of action observation combine with LF-rTMS in duce neural plasticity in stroke

    • Effect of amplitude-speed strategy training on reaching and grasping action in individual with Pakinson’s disease

    • Effect of high-frequency rTMS with upper extremity training on behavioral outcomes in individual with Pakinson’s disease

    • Brain and functional adaptation underlying chronic ankle instability (CAI)

    • Effect of action observation combined with motor training on reach-to-grasp actions in in individual with Parkinson’s disease 

    • Impaired reach-to-grasp actions during barrier avoidance in individuals with Parkinson’s disease

    • Reach-to-Grasp Actions during ON- and OFF-state of Dopaminergic Medication in Parkinson’s disease: Insights from a barrier task

    • Persistence of the Accelerated Skill Acquisition Program (ASAP) for upper extremity recovery in individuals with sub-acute stroke: Extension of a feasibility study

    • Differential effects of augmented feedback in virtual reality environment for post-stroke arm rehabilitation

    • Learning of The Bimanual Cup Stacking Task in Individuals with Chronic Stroke Improved with Dyad Training Protocol

    • Dyad training protocol on learning of bimanual cup stacking in individual with stroke: effect of observation duration

    • Transcranial direct current stimulation in stroke rehabilitation (an integrated research program) (Dr.Wanalee Klomjai and Dr.Benchaporn Aneksan) - Updated 2021

    • Effects of verbal amplitude-oriented trainings on reaching and grasping actions of trained and untrained upper extremities in individuals with Parkinson’s disease.

    • Functional problems and utilization of allied health in Thai individuals with Parkinson’s disease

    • Effect of motor asymmetry on reach-to-grasp actions in individuals with Parkinson’s disease: Insight into dexterity