Degree Designation

Doctor of Philosophy (Physical Therapy)


After program completion, graduates will have the following competency and morality.

  1. Having morality, physical therapy professional integrity, and research ethics, handling with complex ethical problems in the contexts of academics or profession appropriately and currently.
  2. Having current and self-updated physical therapy competencies for physical therapy research, academics, and clinical practice.
  3. Creating, analyzing, and assessing research outcomes regarding physical therapy and clinical practice, and new knowledge or innovations which are significantly beneficial for professional practice and people’s health care.
  4. Having responsibility towards self and group for effective completion, and having academic and research leaderships.
  5. Performing academic presentation, discussion, and suggestion on the national and international levels with appropriate current technology and effective communication.

Additional advantages of the programme

  1. First Ph.D. program (Physical Therapy) (International program) in South East Asia.
  2. Expertise in various areas of physical therapy and movement science e.g. manipulation,neurology, padiatrics, biomechanics, ergonomics, motor control and learning.
  3. Well equipped with research instruments.

Curriculum Structure

For students with Bachelor's degree

Required Courses 18 Credits
Elective Courses not less than 6 Credits
Dissertation 48 Credits
Total not less than 72 Credits

For students with Master's degree

Required Courses 8 Credits
Elective Courses not less than 4 Credits
Dissertation 36 Credits
Total not less than 48 Credits