Undergraduate Program (Physical Therapy Program)
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Degree Designation

Undergraduate Program (Physical Therapy)


The qualified, moral and ethical graduates have knowledge in health promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation to the clients with effective Physical Therapy techniques, together with continuous academic development and on-going developing technology updates.


The qualified physical therapist is entitled:

  1. To have knowledge, comprehension, analytical skills, and application of professional skills holistically together with effective clinical decision making.
  2. To have commitment and responsibility toward themselves and the society, and also the leadership and collaborations.
  3. To have faith, pride, and professional ethics.
  4. To communicate with speaking, reading, writing, and use information technology effectively and appropriately.
  5. To have moral, ethics, and respects for others.
  6. To be scholarly and self-developing regarding the profession and the society in accordance with the changing world.
  7. To be able to design their own professional path corresponding with their identity targeting social needs.

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the undergraduate program in Physical Therapy are considered on the basis of the High School Certificate or completion of Mathayom 6 (Grade 12) and the competitive entrance examination annually and specifically organized by the Ministry of Education or Mahidol University.

Curriculum Structure

A. General education courses 30 Credits
- Humanities and social science 9 Credits
- Languages 9 Credits
- Science and mathematics 12 Credits
B. Physical Therapy courses 108 Credits
- Major Courses 10 Credits
- Professional courses 98 Credits
C. Free elective courses 6 Credits
Total 144 Credits