Philosophy, Vision, Mission
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Philosophy, Vision, Mission


"True success is not in the learning, but in its application to the benefit of mankind"


Faculty of Physical Therapy, Mahidol University, is the leading educational institute with professional excellence to promote well-being to the society.


  • To produce qualified graduates with desirable characteristic and professional leadership.
  • To create research for academic and professional development, as well as the benefit of society.
  • To provide healthcare and academic services based upon demand from community and society.
  • To create internationalization.
  • To manage the organization by emphasizing personal development, engagement, and information technology for decision making.

Core values

P : People Centric

T : Transformation

M : Maximizing Potential

U : Universal


  1. Transformative education
  2. Research excellence
  3. Integrated healthcare services and dissemination of knowledge to the society
  4. Internationalization
  5. Human resource development emphasizing happiness, career path, and organizational engagement
  6. Organziational management for development and sustainability