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Message from the Dean

Year of 2020, Faculty of Physical Therapy, Mahidol University will celebrate 55th anniversary. We have produced therapists who take care of movement impairment and promote quality of life of Thai and world population. With the vast vision of all administrative teams from the time of School of Physiotherapy, Faculty of MedicineSiriraj Hospital till now.

I enrolled into the School of Physiotherapy in 1989 (Salaya#8) with a dream from childhood who wanted to help patients relieve from illness. With family background of academics, there were models to create inspiration in transferring knowledge from generation to generation. Moreover, sustainable assets that parents could give their children were the wisdom.

I strongly believe that value exists in everyone. A good administrative team is the team who is able to extract the potential of the individuals including faculty members, therapists and staff to deliver the value and innovation to their students, clients, society and national and international communities. This is the core value of PTMU "People centric Transformation Maximizing potential Universal" and based upon the speech of His Royal Highness Prince Songkhla, "The true success is not in the learning, but in its application to the benefits of mankind".

Associate Professor Dr. Jarugool Tretriluxana
Dean : Faculty of Physical Therapy, Mahidol University
19 January, 2020.

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Message form the Dean